Java Maze Game : Boy and Robot

Boy and Robot is a homemade java maze game which runs on Java Virtual Machine. In order to play this game you will need to install JVM on your computer. Then click on the game icon to start playing the game.

How to play the game :

You need to collect all the stars on the maze board to win each level. If the robot gets you, you lose. If you have used up all the time before you have collected all the stars, you lose the game. Every time you lose the game you will need to restart from that level again. If you win then you will proceed to the next level!

Boy and Robot
Boy and Robot

For the Java Game Developer

If this is the first time you start to develop your java game then you might be interested in this program which will serve as the starting point for your Java desktop game development. Although the program is a little bit old but it will run on any desktop with any os which has JRE installed in it. Visit the official page of this game, download the game and play it while reading the code at the same time, have fun!