Ball hits Cube is a simple fun game but is really hard to win

Welcome to the game page of Ball Hits Cube, after reading this tutorial you can play the game immediately. Don’t forget to leave your comment below this gaming page after you have played it, your suggestion is very important for the future improvement of the game.

Ball hits Cube is a game which I have developed a few years ago and it is still one of the flagships on this gaming site. The concept behind this game is really simple, a player will start the game with a fix amount of canon balls that he will then use to destroy a cube which is moving toward him, if the cube is destroyed before it reaches the target then he will win the game and moves on to the next stage, the unused canon balls will be carried into the next stage as well so he will have more canon balls to destroyed the next incoming cube. If he fails then it is game over and he will need to start all over again.

The cube will become thinner on every new stage so it will be more difficult to destroy that cube because it will move faster when it is thinner. My personal best for this game is stage number 5 but you can certainly do better!

To start the game click on any place within the game then press the ‘3’ key, press spacebar to launch the cannon ball, press < to decrease and > to increase the range of the ball while it is on air! If you press the enter key then the game will restart again!

If you like this game please recommend it to your friend so more people can play it!