Latvian Gambit at it’s very best!

Latvian Gambit, a gambit which I had learned yesterday and apply it to the chess board today helps me to win game after game! Make no mistake this Gambit is the best I have ever seen after the Danish Gambit. Both Danish and Latvian Gambit is not for the chess beginner because both of these gambits require us to really understand chess game and the situation on the chess board! If you are not familiar with Latvian gambit then you can indeed lose the game easily but if you can master it then you are good enough to rock!

In the below game I am chasing my opponent knight all around the chess board until he gives up piece after piece and finally resigns on the spot.

What a game! I did lost a game earlier today when I was using the Latvian Gambit but I went on and won the rest of the games with the Latvian Gambit.