What can a javascript version of Box2D do?

If you are a new html5 game developer then you should know that it is indeed really hard when it comes to writing your own code which will use to check for the contact of two objects. Luckily there is a framework in javascript which will help us to deal with the above headache issue and it’s name is box2dweb. Box2dweb is a javascript framework based on box2d originally written in C by Erin Catto. I have personally created a game based on Box2dweb framework which you can play through this link : http://gamingdirectional.com/application/Mightbeit!/index.html.

Box2dweb is really easy to use and once you have mastered it you can create almost any html5 game beyond your imagination.

Where to download the Box2dweb framework

Box2dweb is hosted on GitHub https://github.com/hecht-software/box2dweb, there are lots of files on the above page but all you need is either Box2D.js or it’s minimum version Box2d.min.js which you will then include in your index.html game page.

Where to learn javascript version of Box2D engine

So far this is the only website which will make you really understand about box2d js 

The guy is a pro and he knows his business really well.

It’s Time!

Go ahead and download the framework and start working on it then show me your game in the comment box below!