Playing around with Spot lighting in Blender

Start up a new Blender project, make sure you select the Blender Render engine. Create three cubes and a ground. Then change the color of the World to blue or something you like it to be. Click on the lamp and under the Object Data tab turn it into a spot light. Play around with these features.

  1. Change the color of the lamp to something which you like, for example, light brown color.
  2. Increase the Energy level of the Lamp to around 5.
  3. Increase the Falloff Distance of the Lamp to around 50.
  4. Change the Samples value of the Shadow to around 10 to reduce the grainy appearance.
  5.  Increase the Soft Size value of the Shadow to blur the shadow and thus give it a softer look.
  6. Change the Size of the Spot Shape to around 50.
  7. Increase the Blend value of the Spot Shape to soften the edge of
    the cast circle of light.

This is how the outcome looks like.

Three Cubes
Three Cubes

The objects above are totally being light up by the lamp.