Pygame ready made Vector2 module

If you are following this tutorial from the beginning you know that I have created a Vector2D module to help the game character to accomplish various tasks such as moves to a certain coordinate point on the game screen and so on but do you know that actually you do not need to create the Vector2D module if you do not want to because there is already a ready made Vector2 module in Pygame which will do most of the jobs above for us. This Vector2 module is under the pygame.math package so if we want to extend the features of this module then all we need to do is just to create a subclass based upon that Vector2 module. I will make the previous Vector2D module as the subclass of this Vector2 module when I create my next game with Pygame if I ever need to!

With the introduction of the Vector2 module above we have finally finished our pygame tutorial series for beginner and as I have promised to my reader before I will start to create a real game with Pygame where you will be able to read every step I have made in order to create this new game. So make sure that you subscribe and continue reading my blog if you want to learn how to develop your own game with Pygame. See you in the next tutorial!