The concept behind the Rock Sweeper game

Hi, this is the first chapter of create a game in pygame and in this part I am going to talk a little bit about the game I am going to create before we start coding in the next chapter!

The game concept:

Imagine two spaceships are exploring another planet and suddenly there are lot of rocks heading toward them, the only method for them to survive is to intercept and destroy those rocks.

How to destroy the rock:

The front ship will intercept the rock for the first time and the second ship will further intercept that same rock to destroy it, after a rock has been destroyed, the player will be rewarded with 1 point. The player also needs to make sure that the second ship will not intercept the rock before that rock has been intercepted by the first ship or else it will be game over!

How many levels are there:

There are 10 levels in this game and in each level the player is requires to destroy a certain number of rock before he can proceed to the next stage.

Total 10 Level
Total 10 Level

How to control the game:

Use the left and right arrow key to move the front and the back ship to the left and to the right. If the front ship is moving toward the left then the back ship will automatically move toward the right.

This is the desktop version of the game:

This game is actually derives from the browser game which I have developed recently and you can play the browser’s version of this game online through the Rock Sweeper online page!

Alright, after a simple introduction we are now ready to create the game begin on the next chapter.