The problem with the Pygame Mixer — pygame module for loading and playing sound

I am ready to release my first game in pygame with only three minor issues left : 1) How to pack up the game so the desktop windows users can play it on their computer. 2) Write comment on each module file 3) Playing background music.

It seems like Pygame has already included the music mixer module which we can use to load and play the background music but there is one shortage in the module which is that the music will not be able to loop seamlessly which means there is always a gap that creates a short silence between the play ends and the new playback starts. The gap issue not only happens in python but also Java and Javascript as well. Due to this reason, I have decided not to include the background music in this game but will include it in the future if I have found the solution to the gap problem.

Last night and today I will concentrate on writing comment in the module files as well as get ready to pack the game up so stay tuned and wait for the release!