The Rock Sweeper Main Page

Hi, welcome to the main page of Rock Sweeper, a desktop game written in pygame and python and is ready for the windows users to download and playing it!

Installation guild:

1) Just download the game’s installer and then installed the game in your windows os pc (linux version will be included in the future).

How to play it:

1) Use the left and right arrow key to move the top and bottom ship to intercept the incoming rock, the rock must be intercepted twice before it get destroyed and the player will be awarded with one point for each rock he or she has destroyed.

2) If a rock has not been intercepted yet by the top ship, then do not intercept it with the bottom ship or else it will be game over which means the top ship must intercept the incoming rock once before the bottom ship can intercept the rock again and destroy it.

3) There are 10 levels in total and each level requires the player to win 10 points multiplies by the level number, for example if you are in level 3 then you will need to destroy 30 rocks to win the game.

Let me know:

If you found any bug in the game do let me know through comment at the bottom of this page, thank you.

Go ahead and download the game on Github!

Latest version update :
version 1.1
1) The size of the installer file has been reduced to around 6MB.
2) The cloud element has been included in this latest version.

There are more to come :

I am planning to create another game with pygame and I need your support to make it happen, kindly donate any amount of money to my gaming project through this project donation page.