The cloud object has been introduced into Rock Sweeper

There is a new update coming soon with the introduction of the cloud object into the game, what this object does is to continuously moving downward and if it gets passed the screen boundary then it will reappear again from the other end.

from game_sprite import GameSprite
from pygame.locals import *
from vector2d import Vector2D

class CloudSprite(GameSprite):
    # Constructor. Pass in the image file
    # and it's width and height and it's position on the spritesheet
    def __init__(self, image, width, height, pos):
        # Call the parent class __init__ method
        GameSprite.__init__(self, image, width, height, pos)
        self.pos = Vector2D(0,0) #initialize the original position of the sprite on the screen
    def updatePosition(self): 
        self.pos += Vector2D(0.0, 0.1) #the new vector position of the cloud object on the screen
        #if the cloud gets passed the boundary then reset it to old position
        if(self.pos.y > (560+self.height/2)):
            self.pos.y = -300
            #else create the new rectangle object of the cloud
            self.rect = Rect(self.pos.x - self.width/2, self.pos.y - self.height/2, self.width, self.height) #self.rect will be called by the rock group

The new installer will also be used in this game for better user experience.