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Strike Mech model for my next gaming project in Android

I have started to write the story line for my next gaming project in android while creating a few gaming characters at the same time. After a long rest it is time to start a new gaming project again and with the graphic software like Blender and the coding IDE such as eclipse I am ready to create my next game which will be for the android user this time.

The above character is the enemy in this new game and it is creates with Blender, more touch up will be needed for the above character include the installation of the laser guided weaponry system just below the body of this strike mech.

Why Android? 

A few reasons that make me choose android as my next gaming platform :-

  1. There are basically no distribution network available to distribute my game for the java desktop user.
  2. Although python is great but there is little market for python gaming.
  3. I am thinking about creating game in c# or c++ but it seems like the revenue (or profit) is not that high when it comes to distribute our game in windows store.
  4. I am thinking about creating more games with javascript but there are not many players that are really interested in the online html5 game. If we want to earn good money for our work then at least we must get 1000+ players visiting our gaming website everyday which is not going to happen without heavy advertisement that cost money! Here is one of the game which I have created in html5 🙂

Therefore with that in mind I have decided to go for the android platform and concentrate 90% of my future gaming projects in android. There are lots to learn when it comes to game programming in android but as a game developer who seeks profit we will have to overcome all the hurdles before we can win big in 110m!