Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review

From its demo reveal in 2016, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was one of the most anticipated games of 2017. Longtime fans and new players of the franchise were eager to see how the game would live up to it’s predecessors. Now, several months passed it’s full release, it can definitely be said that the game lives up to all of the hype.

Without too many spoilers, the player takes the role of Ethan Winters, a man trying to find his missing wife Mia in a seemingly abandoned Louisiana farmhouse. When he gets there, he finds not only Mia, but also a family of people that have been infected by a secret bio weapon that gives them incredible strength, super fast regeneration, and other disturbing mutations. Ethan has to escape the house and find out what’s going on along the way in a sequence of horrifying events. As the game progresses, the story unfolds at a measured pace through both past documents and current events.

One of the many games in a twenty-year long series, RE7: Biohazard had a lot of past game play to draw inspiration from, and generally has two distinct feels to it. Near the beginning of the story, it feels reminiscent of the earliest games in the series with more focus on the scares and the defenseless feeling that comes with not having anything strong enough to defend yourself with. Later on, however, as the player gains access to more guns and better equipment, the game play shifts to mimic the more recent action-shooter genre of the franchise. Familiar but challenging puzzles are dotted throughout the game to break up the action as well. It’s a good balance that leaves the player feeling satisfied with both sides of the experience.

As for playtime, it does fall a little short at just 6-8 hours for a first time play through. Thankfully, several DLC expansions were added not too long after the initial release. These varied game modes offer tons of replay ability and extra game time which makes up for the initial lack. Another story-based DLC is also scheduled to come out in the spring, where more of the mysteries left by the first game will (hopefully) be tied up. At any rate, with what we have so far of the game, RE7: Biohazard has held up under the pressure put upon it since it’s release.