Create browser game without knowing any programming languages

If you want to create a browser game and put it on your own website for others to enjoy but you do not know any web programming languages such as javascript, php or html5 then you will really love GDevelop which is a game development software that will help yourself to create game without even requires you to write a single line of code.

Game development with GDevelop is very fast
Game development with GDevelop is very fast

I have downloaded GDevelop which itself is an open source software and then create my first game with it, all I have to say is that I really like it!

Normally a game developer needs to write code to detect whether a character has landed on a platform or not, but with GDevelop he does not need to do this anymore because he can simply create that detection logic in just a few steps!

Has the players landed on a platform?
Has a player already landed on a platform?

A game developer also does not need to write his own animation loop for a group of game images any more because with just a few simple settings that take only 1 minute or less the animation loop will be fully ready! I still remember it took me around an hour to write the first animation loop for my first game a few years ago.

This is how to set up the animation loop in GDevelop
This is how you set up the animation loop in GDevelop

You can add as many platforms as you need and as many game characters as you wish and as many character-platform relationships that you wish to have using GDevelop’s set up portal.

Character-Platform relationship
Character-Platform relationship

Once you have created your browser game, pack it up and you are ready to put it on your own website for people to enjoy.

Overall speaking GDevelop is a great piece of browser game development software which will help you to create game without needs you to write a single line of game code. If you have not yet downloaded this IDE then go ahead and download it, you will really love this game creation software once you have installed it on your pc 🙂

That is all, if there is time for more stories then I will write an article about creating a full browser game with GDevelop so don’t miss it if you would!

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