Danish Gambit Chess Game Total Analysis

When it comes to chess, it has became a fact that Danish Gambit is not in any sort of consideration from the chess master to use it against his opponent who has a higher ranking than he does. But for me I really like the style of this gambit which emphasizes on scarifies everything to achieve the victory. I have used this gambit again and again in my chess game against the player with a lot more higher ranking than myself and did achieved great result from it. After a few months of analysis every possible moves from the chess opponent who plays against this gambit I have came out with various solutions ranging from Danish Gambit accepted to Danish Gambit declined and below is one of the game which I have played against a chess opponent using the Danish Gambit in a online chess site. He declines the gambit so the game will follow the Danish Gambit declined procedure accordingly and I did managed to win that game!

I have been doing the Danish Gambit analysis for a while already and so far I have found out various solutions to deal with my opponent who either declines or accepts the gambit on the left handside of the chess board, my next analysis will expend the gambit to the right handdside of the chess board which means to move my queen to the right and attacks the opponent right flange which I believe will be a lot more powerful than just concentrate both the white queen and bishop on the left flange to prepare to take the F-7 pawn on the black queen site. Danish Gambit is a great gambit but we do need to understand the method to defend our king because by using this gambit our king has been exposed to really danger situation when the opponent brings out his queen and prepares to attack!