Air Strike

Air Strike is a single player shooting game for windows os laptop user. In this game, you will need to shoot down as many enemy ships as possible to advance to the next level. Make sure you are not getting hit by the enemy ship or else it will be game over. Also, do avoid as many enemy missiles as possible. The game will have 10 levels in total and currently it is at level 3, I will continue to create one game level per week after the beta stage of this game has been released on major game sites until this game has finally reached level 10. After that, I will continue to include more features into the game which means although you are playing the same level again and again but each time you will find out that a new game character has been added into that same level after each game’s updates.

Game Instruction: Use the right, left, up and down arrow key on your keyboard to move the ship around. Use the space bar to shoot a missile at the enemy. Press ‘p’ during the game will bring out the pause screen where you can then continue to play the game or go back to the home page. Press ‘s’ on the keyboard will save a copy of the screenshot during the game.

Game Scene

You can download this game through below game sites.

Download Air Strike

This game is still in it’s beta stage which means it is more like a demo game for python program rather than a real game but no worry because more features will be included from now onward! If you find any bug in this game do let me know through the comment box below this main post.

Hope you will enjoy this game and let you friend knows about it!

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