Summarize the python pygame project

Hello my friend, I just want to let you know that I have packed up the previous pygame project which we have developed together every day and it is now ready to distribute to all the major gaming platforms. If you have missed out any of the tutorials from the past regarding this project then don’t forget to read them all through the below list. You might find out that some classes have changed so often due to the need to do so. Although there are still many new changes happening from time to time that I will not show them to you on this website anymore, I think those classes above are already good enough to get you started on your own pygame project. Below are all the articles that are related to this latest pygame project which we have just finished. Hope you like it.

After we have finished this project, which we already did, we will move on to our next project, the pygame maze project, which is a lot more complicated than this one.

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