Change the direction of the enemy ship

Hello and happy new year to all readers of this website, in this new year’s eve I would like to list out the entire plan for this website in the year 2019 before we proceed even further. After a long thought about the future plan for this website in the year 2019 I have decided to continue writing about the previous pygame project which I have developed last year which means instead of stop posting about any further change or the latest features that have been included into this project I will continue to post an update on this project so you can play the game and continue to learn about the programming part of this game at the same time. If you have not yet downloaded version 1 of this game then go ahead and do so first through below link. The latest update of this game on this article will not appear immediately on those major gaming sites, this game will only get updated once a week on those major gaming sites.

Besides continue developing and posting the previous project, I will also start to write about the next pygame project which is a maze game project in this same website, so make sure you subscribed to this website by clicking on the bell button below this post.

Alright, so much for that, now let us continue with the previous pygame project which we will now change the direction of the enemy ship from which previously moves horizontally from left to right to move in both directions instead. In the previous program, a new enemy ship which moves from left to right will be created each time the player has destroyed the old one which makes the path of that enemy ship always look the same. In this new update, we will change the direction of the new enemy ship from right to left if the old one which gets destroyed is moving from left to right and vice-versa. In order to achieve this, we only need to edit the enemy manager class like before.

from Enemy import Enemy
from GameSprite import GameSprite
from pygame.locals import *
from EnemyMissileManager import EnemyMissileManager
import random
from Objectpool import Objectpool
from Enemy1 import Enemy1

class EnemyManager(object):

    def __init__(self, scene, player, game_level):

        self.enemy_missile_manager = EnemyMissileManager()
        self.scene = scene
        self.player = player
        self.enemy_count = 10
        self.horizontal_enemy_count = 1
        self.missile_count = 60
        self.enemy_list = []
        self.horizontal_enemy_list = []
        self.image = 'Asset/enemy0.png'
        self.image1 =  'Asset/enemy1.png'
        self.image2 = 'Asset/enemy2.png'
        self.width = 30
        self.height = 30
        self.width1 = 130
        self.height1 = 130
        self.rect = Rect(0, 0, self.width, self.height)
        self.rect1 = Rect(0, 0, self.width1, self.height1)
        self.more_enemy = 0
        self.y = -50
        self.boundary_width = 660
        self.boundary_height = 660
        self.object_pool = Objectpool(self.enemy_count)
        self.horizontal_object_pool = Objectpool(self.horizontal_enemy_count)
        self.next_enemy = 0
        self.level = game_level

        # initialize game sprite object
        self.sprite = GameSprite(self.image, self.rect)
        self.sprite1 = GameSprite(self.image1, self.rect)
        self.sprite2 = GameSprite(self.image2, self.rect1)

    def create_enemy(self, x, y):

        if(self.enemy_count > 0):

            if(self.object_pool.getSize() > 0): # get the ship from object pool if the pool is not empty
            else: # objects setup based on the level of the game
                if(self.level == 1):
                    self.enemy_surface = self.sprite.getImage()
                elif(self.level == 2 or self.level == 3):
                    if(self.next_enemy == 0):
                        self.enemy_surface = self.sprite.getImage()
                        self.next_enemy += 1
                    elif(self.next_enemy == 1):
                        self.enemy_surface = self.sprite1.getImage()
                        self.next_enemy = 0
                self.enemy_list.append(Enemy(self.enemy_surface, x, y))
            self.enemy_count -= 1

    def create_horizontal_enemy(self, x, y):

        if (self.horizontal_enemy_count > 0):

            if (self.horizontal_object_pool.getSize() > 0):  # get the ship from object pool if the pool is not empty
            else:  # objects setup based on the level of the game
                if (self.level == 3):
                    self.enemy_surface1 = self.sprite2.getImage()
                self.horizontal_enemy_list.append(Enemy1(self.enemy_surface1, x, y))
            self.horizontal_enemy_count -= 1

    def update(self):

        if (self.level == 1 or self.level == 2):

            if (self.more_enemy > 600):
                self.more_enemy = 0
                x = random.randint(30, self.boundary_width - 50)
                self.create_enemy(x , self.y)  # create more enemy
                self.more_enemy += 1 # increase time

        elif(self.level == 3):

            if (self.more_enemy > 600):
                self.more_enemy = 0
                x = random.randint(30, self.boundary_width - 50)
                self.create_enemy(x , self.y)  # create more enemy
                self.more_enemy += 1 # increase time

            if(self.horizontal_enemy_count > 0):
                self.create_horizontal_enemy(-130, 200)  # create new enemy


    def create_enemy_missile(self):

        for item in list(self.enemy_list):

            if(self.player.pos.y - item.y  < 200 and abs(self.player.pos.x - item.x) < 160):


        if(self.level == 3):

            for item in list(self.horizontal_enemy_list):

    def enemy_update(self):

        for item in list(self.enemy_list):

            if(item.on == False):
                self.enemy_count += 1
                item.y = self.y
                item.on = True
                if ((self.player.pos.y - item.y < 200 and self.player.pos.y - item.y > -2) and abs(self.player.pos.x - item.x) < 200):
                    item.update((self.player.pos.x - item.x) * 0.004, 0.1)
                    item.update(0, 0.1)

        if (self.level == 3):

            for item in list(self.horizontal_enemy_list):

                if (item.on == False):

                    self.horizontal_enemy_count += 1
                    item.y = 220

                    if(item.direction == True):
                        item.x = 800
                        item.direction = False
                        item.x = -130
                        item.direction = True
                    item.on = True


    # check the boundary of the enemy ship with the game scene area
    def check_boundary(self):

        for i in range(len(self.enemy_list)):
            if (self.enemy_list[i].y > self.boundary_height):
                self.enemy_list[i].on = False

        if (self.level == 3):
            for i in range(len(self.horizontal_enemy_list)):
                if (self.horizontal_enemy_list[i].x > self.boundary_width):
                    self.horizontal_enemy_list[i].direction = False
                elif(self.horizontal_enemy_list[i].x <= -130):
                    self.horizontal_enemy_list[i].direction = True

    def draw(self):

        # blit the enemy and enemy missiles on  the scene
        for i in range(len(self.enemy_list)):
            self.scene.blit(self.enemy_list[i].enemy_surface, self.enemy_list[i].enemy_pos)

        if(self.level == 3):
            for i in range(len(self.horizontal_enemy_list)):
                self.scene.blit(self.horizontal_enemy_list[i].enemy_surface, self.horizontal_enemy_list[i].enemy_pos)

By changing the above program we will be able to achieve that change of path effect for the horizontally moving enemy ship.

Change the direction of the enemy ship

I wish you all the best of luck in the year 2019 and stay tuned for more game development articles in this website.

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