A sneak preview at the next python pygame project

Hello, it is nice to be back again. After the final touch up of the previous pygame project, we are now ready to start the next pygame project. We will continue to develop that previous pygame project but our attention now is on this new project.

Yesterday I had received a comment from a fan on the main page of our previous pygame project which stated that there are not many people using pygame framework to develop the python game, my first thought was what is he talking about, man? There are lots of people actually using pygame framework to develop great commercial games and have received great success from it. If you search around the internet you will soon find out that pygame is indeed the best python framework which we can use to develop the 2d game both for free and for sale!

OK back to the topic of this article. Today I am going to provide you with a quick summary of the new pygame project which I will develop later on. This game will consist of 10 levels. It is about the story of a boy who will walk through all the obstacles from one side to another to reach the exit and then proceeds to the next level. The game characters will consist of a boy, robots and also the life-saving mana. This is a maze game where the boy will move from top to bottom or from the bottom to the top through ladders. The most important thing in this game is to not get hit by a robot or else it will be game over. Below is the sneak preview of the game.

Boy and Robot

There are some of you might have already played this game online before but believe me, this is a totally new game with a new storyline.

Hopefully you can read a new chapter on this game everyday, if not then at least once every three days. Besides developing game, I also need to take care of the offline business but I promise to write as many articles as possible on each week, so stay tuned.

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