The new version of AirStrike

Finally, I have released the latest version of AirStrike today, you can download this version directly through the below widget.

In this version, the highest level still remains at level three but there are lots of changes have been made on the previous version, particularly on the movement part of the horizontal moving enemy ship which I had mentioned before in the previous post. Besides that, I have also found out that the game level which has been saved during the game will not get reloaded in the previous version of the game because of the unknown reason which I am still trying to figure it out, so temporary the entire game will be included in a zip file, after you have unzipped the game, you will find a hello folder which contains all the game files and a hello application file, right click on that hello application file will start the game. If it is your first time running the game on windows 10 then you will see a pop up window asking whether you want to continue running the game or not, just click on the’ more’ link then select run anyway to start the game. This game is currently only for the Windows 10 user but it might also for Linux and OSX user in the future.

I am working on the next level of the game and hopefully, pretty soon a new version will be released on the major gaming website. If you have any question regarding the game do leave your comment on the comment box below.

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