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Hello, do you still remember that I have mentioned to you before that I will start another game project alongside the new pygame project? Well, I have not decided yet which game framework should I use to build the python game. Yesterday I had just came across Panda 3D which is a very attractive game framework that we can use to create the python game. After playing with it for a while I just cannot make it renders the x file which contains the object created with Blender. That object which has been rendered by Panda 3D does not show any texture when it appears on the game scene, maybe I need to bake the object before exporting the x file? Anyway, I have not decided yet whether I want to use this framework or select another one, it will take me a few days to explore the entire framework as well as finding out how to make the program renders the game object together with its texture.

In order to use Panda 3D you will need to download it from this link. Then also make sure you have installed visual studio code which is a free powerful IDE uses to create a game project. If I have decided to use Panda 3D framework to create the next game project then I will use the visual studio code to create that project. Visual Studio Code is a free IDE so why not just install it on your own computer?

After you have installed the Panda 3D framework and visual studio code, go ahead and create a new python file and enter below code and then run the program.

from direct.showbase.ShowBase import ShowBase
class MyApp(ShowBase):
    def __init__(self):
app = MyApp()

If everything goes as plan then you will see the below outcome.

Empty Scene

The code above will generate an empty scene, our next step is to make the program renders an object on the scene, I am still trying to figure it out the method to render the game object with texture on it so stay tuned for the next article.

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  1. Hi I just checked out Panda 3D for the upcoming Global Game Jam.
    I was able to load a simple cube with texture in 5 minutes. I used the YABEE exporter. Be sure to scale up the cube a lot and set the texture right in Blender (texture tab). As long as you get an Tex is not defined Error or so you have not set the texture right.

    Panda is a very nice and fast game engine if you like you can check out ragetracks on youtube a game I made with it.

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