Mechanical Reptile

Welcome to the homepage of Mechanical Reptile, the platform game which I have developed recently. Before you start please continue reading the game manual below.

This game concept is really simple, move the game character up, down, left, right with the up, down, left and right arrow key to the door side and proceed to the next level. During the game you will collect mana which will then be used to destroy the enemy so you can safely arrive at your destination. Sometime you will also need to jump to reach the bottom platform if the door location is at the lower platform. This game is still at it’s beta stage so lots of changes will be made before it has fully developed.

The game page will take a while to load but once you have loaded it for the first time then it will be fast the next time you play the game again!

MightBeIt! Main Page

MightBeIt! is a really fun game to play, the goal of this game is to move your vehicle from left to right by crossing various obstacles. It does not really matter whether you roll or jump your vehicle as long as you get to the other end then you will proceed to the next round.

If this is your first time playing this game then you will need to wait for a while for the game assets to load, then click on play to start the game.

It will be nice if you can provide your feedback on this game through the comment part of this page.


What is Dark Soul III?

Dark Soul III is an action game developed by FromSoftware for play station 4, Xbox One and for windows PC. The game was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is among a series of games that have been developed by the same team. The game was released in Japan in March 2016 and to the rest of the world in April 2016. The Dark Soul’s series started on a lower notch but the series gained fame after dark souls II which was then followed by bloodborne and made all the gamers anticipate for the dark souls III. The game has gained many players attention and has made many people who were not aware of the dark soul series to start playing them. Dark souls III might be the last in the series as the bloodborne too will not have any other series of it. This game has made Bandai a fortune as the game has sold over three million copies in two months after release.

Destroy Enemy and Earn Currency

Dark Souls along with other games in the series only have one unique currency which is souls. These are earned by killing the enemies and using some certain items in the game. The souls can be used in buying items, upgrading your weapons and also when you level up. The only way to enjoy any action game is to stay long without being killed. For beginners, there are a few things that you have to learn about the game before you can play it. First, you have to start as a knight. This is because the shield absorbs all the physical damage taken and as long as you have the energy and stamina to block the attacks you can avoid any damage. Another key thing one needs to learn is that you must increase your weight management so as to be able to increase the skills points into vitality. This will help you be able to carry more weight and that means a heavier armor. When leveling up your character in the game there is a list of attributes that you can pick from in order to make your character strong and vigorous when it comes to war.

The Winning Strategy

In every gamers mind, the main strategy in the game is to win. In order to do this, you must be aware of the enemy’s way of attacking, where they attack and the methods they use. In Dark souls III unlike all the other past series, the enemy attacks from behind in every doorway you enter or any corner you take. These are the parts that most people are vulnerable and lose their life. Dark Souls III has fast-paced combats as compared to all the other dark soul series. The game gives the player a fast combat ability and is accompanied with new weapons. Using this, you are able to engage in fights with a large group of enemies at a go. This does not give you the chance to fight them all at once. Moving in circles helps separate them so that you can deal with one group at a time. This will help keep you alive and give you some ground to win.Leveling up is one of the things you should do as often as possible in the game. By leveling up your character, there are more skills added to be able to fight and defeat your enemies. It is a tiring process to keep losing your life and going back to get your souls back. It is at times best if you used a fast travel system to get your souls back and level up instead of losing them again as you attempt to fight. The more you level up the easier it is to fight your enemies and the less likely chances of dying.

Lets play BlackJack together!

Welcome to the homepage of Blackjack Memory, a card game which I have developed a few years ago and now it is offline for everyone to enjoy.

The game can be divided into two part, the first part will let you play as a dealer where you will play against four players in the game.

Dealer vs player
dealer vs player

Press the the first button from the left if you need more card. Press the second button from the left if yourself do not need any more card. Press the third button from the left when the player needs more card. Press the fourth button from the left to start a new game. Press the fifth button from the left to go to the solo game which we will talk about later on. (If you want to donate some money to me then press the six button from the left to visit my Patreon page).

The second part of the game will let you play one on one against another player,

player vs dealer
player vs dealer

Press the first button from the left if you need more card, otherwise press the second button from the left. Press the third button from the left to start a new game. The fourth button will show you how much money you had left. The fifth button will take you back to the multiple player game.


Rock Sweeper

Welcome to the homepage of Rock Sweeper. The Game which I have developed a few years ago and put online for people to enjoy. If you are the old user of this game then you can just skip the following introduction and go directly to the what is new part.

How to play the Game

The gaming concept is really simple, you need to move both the front and the back spaceships to the left and to the right with the left and the right arrow key on your keyboard to intercept the incoming rock and collect enough points to proceed to the next stage. You will need to intercept the incoming rock twice with both ships in order to win a point, also make sure you will only intercept the incoming rock with the second ship after that rock has been intercepted once by the first ship or else if the rock destroys the second ship it will be game over! During the game, you will notice that if you move the front ship to the left the back ship will move to the right automatically and thus will increase the difficulty of the entire game. Besides that, you will also need to collect a certain amount of rock to proceed to the next level before time up!

About Internet Connection

The gaming server is based on UK, if you are from other part of the world then you will need to wait for 1/2 minute before the game is fully load. When you see the ‘Loading’ text on the sidebar then just wait for a while, it won’t take long to load the game, once your browser has cached the game for the first time then the second time will be very fast already! I really wish I can earn some money through creating html5 game so I can look for a better and faster server to host my online game, as for now I hope you won’t feel the lag.

What is new

This game has now officially became an online game so if there is any changes to be made in the future then we can directly change them on the website! Make sure to leave any suggestion after you have played the game. Now you can start playing the game below…

Wait until you see the play button appears on the game page then click on the play button to play the game, if this is your first time playing the game then it will take a while to load all the gaming assets.

Leave your suggestion on the comment part of this page so we can improve this game in the future.

Create our first program with Babylon.js framework

Recently I have started to write javascript program for my new 3D game with the help of Babylon.js, which is a javascript game developer first choice gaming framework for the development of the 3D html5 game. Since I am working on the game now then it mights be great for me to share with you all the steps that I use to set up the Babylon.js framework in this article.

Before you start to write your program with the help of Babylon.js you will need to download the latest version of Babylon.js on Github. After you have downloaded the zip file you can then extract it into a folder on your computer. If you look into the Babylon.js-master folder (the name of the main folder might not be the same for the latest version) you will find there are lots of files as well as sub-folders inside it. Go into the dist folder and grab the babylon.2.5.max.js file to a new folder you have created for your first project and you are ready to rock!

Next create a index.html file for your project then enter the below code. Make sure to link all the files you require to run the program in the header part of the html5 file. We will create those files later on.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html" charset="utf-8"/>
    <title>Babylon - Lets Rock!</title>
    <!-- link to the last version of babylon -->
    <script src="babylon.2.5.max.js"></script>
    <!-- link to the js and css file -->
    <script src="main.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">
    <canvas id="renderCanvas"></canvas>

The canvas tag is the most important piece of meal in the entire code above, make sure you have specified an id for that canvas element as well.

Next create a style sheet and named it style.css

html, body {
	overflow: hidden;
	width   : 100%;
	height  : 100%;
	margin  : 0;
	padding : 0;

#renderCanvas {
	width   : 100%;
	height  : 100%;
	touch-action: none;

At last create the last piece of javascript file and named it main.js.

var engine;
var scene;
var canvas;

window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
	canvas = document.getElementById('renderCanvas');
	engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true);
	scene = createScene();
	engine.runRenderLoop(function() {

window.addEventListener('resize', function() {

var createScene = function() {
		// create a basic BJS Scene object
		var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);

		// create a FreeCamera, and set its position to (x:0, y:5, z:-10)
		var camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamera('camera1', new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 5,-10), scene);

		// target the camera to scene origin

		// attach the camera to the canvas
		camera.attachControl(canvas, false);

		// create two lights to light up the screen
		var light0 = new BABYLON.DirectionalLight("Dir0", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, -2, 0), scene);
		light0.diffuse = new BABYLON.Color3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
		light0.specular = new BABYLON.Color3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
		var light1 = new BABYLON.SpotLight("Spot1", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 10, -3), new BABYLON.Vector3(0, -3, 0), 0.8, 2, scene);
		light1.diffuse = new BABYLON.Color3(1, 1, 1);
		light1.specular = new BABYLON.Color3(1, 1, 1);

		// create a built-in "TorusKnot" shape; 
		var torusKnot = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateTorusKnot("torusKnot", 0.3, 0.05, 128, 64, 3, 2, scene, false, BABYLON.Mesh.DOUBLESIDE);
		var materialKnot1 = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("texture1", scene);
		materialKnot1.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.5, 0.6, 0.4);
		materialKnot1.alpha = 0.5;
		torusKnot.material = materialKnot1;
		torusKnot.position.y = 2;
		torusKnot.position.z = -3;

		// create a built-in "ground" shape; 
		var ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround('ground1', 6, 4, 2, scene);
		var materialGround1 = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("texture2", scene);
		materialGround1.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.3, 0.5, 0.3);
		ground.material = materialGround1;

		// return the created scene
		return scene;

Basically the javascript program above will create the babylon engine object and the screen object that we need to create and attached (our game objects into it)!

Now your project folder should look like this.

The files inside project folder
The files inside project folder

After all the hard work here is the object we have just created.

The render scene of Babylon.js framework
The render scene of Babylon.js framework

Ball Hits Cube

Welcome to the homepage of Ball Hits Cube, this is the very first html game which I have developed and it is still really popular until today. I hope you will enjoy this fun game.

Game Concept

The game concept is really simple, stop the cube from hitting you (or else it will be game over) with the cannon balls. If you have not used up all the cannon balls then the remaining quantities will be carried to the next stage, else if all the cannon balls have gone but you have not yet destroyed the incoming cube then it will be game over as well.

How to Play

Press 3 on your keyboard to start the game, press space bar to launch the cannon, pressed > or < to increase or decrease the range of the cannon ball while it is on the air. You can press the > or < in advance as well before you launch the cannon. Press enter to restart the game!


Latest new game on chrome web store which you might like

  1. Mechanikal Reptile is a platform game which the boy will need to overcome many obstacles before he can get to the door step.
    Download link
  2. MightBeIt! is a car game which you will drive the car or roll the car to reach the last platform! Download

    Drive or Roll the car to reach the last platform
    Drive or Roll the car to reach the last platform
  3. RockSweeper is the game which you will use the top and bottom ship to intercept the incoming rock! Download

    Intercept the incoming rock with the rock sweeper
    Intercept the incoming rock with the rock sweeper
  4. Collect all the stars and win the game in Monster Academy. Download

    Collect all stars and win the game
    Collect all stars and win the game

I hope you will enjoy all the games above, more html5 game will come after this! Enjoy!

Chess makes me feel really good!

I just played a game of chess today and indeed feel really good. My opponent is a 2000+ rating player and he plays great chess too but today I am the winner! He just moved his queen too many times and he ends up losing his queen. The game goes on after that with a few more moves before he retired and calls it a day.

It is time for me to get back to coding again after a fast game like that!

Mechanikal Reptile Homepage

Hi, people how is it going? Welcome to the homepage of Mechanikal Reptile, my first platform game! Hope you do enjoy this game and if you found any bug in the game do let me know.

The Game Concept

There is a boy who wants to get to the door to the the next destination but there are lots of reptilian robots guarding the path to the door step. Therefore the boy needs to battle his path to get there, on his way to the door he will find there are manas that once he has ate it will help him to overcome those reptilian bots. Sometime if there is not enough mana then the boy will need to think about a plan which can get him safely to the destination.

How to Play

Use left right up down arrow key to move the boy and to climb the ladder.


Let me know if you have any suggestion regarding the future addition of this game.

Future Development

This game is relatively new so more features will be included in the future incoming version!

Game Site

Visit this game website to find out more about this game!

The fastest checkmate in all time!

This is the fastest game I have ever played. My opponent wants to take my knight but I offered him the bishop exchange instead, he then takes my bishop and my knight is free. When my knight gets closer to his king he doesn’t know what is going on yet and takes one of my pawns with his knight. His rook has been pinned and cannot move so my queen moves up and checkmated him!

This is the type of game which my opponent is careless and ruins the entire game.