How powerful actually is the Danish Gambit?

Although I will use the English Opening on my next game but Danish Gambit which takes me 3 months to master is still one of my favorite gambits.

Today I am going to show you from my opponent point of view what type of damage the danish gambit can do to him! I am playing the white pieces with the Danish Gambit opening and my opponent is playing the black pieces. He resigns after I have brought my queen down to assist the rook. I do agree with some of you that Danish Gambit is not effective against the player with 1800 and above but it is good enough to win against the player with the chess rating of 1700 and below.

The game board has been flipped so you can see from my opponent point of view and visualize that you are actually playing as the black king!

Danish Gambit declined, what next?

This is indeed a tough chess match after the opponent declined my Danish Gambit’s pawn sacrifices. Now what? My entire game plan needs to change after the Danish Gambit Declined. There are fast exchange of pieces going on on the chess board and he seems to keep up the pressure on me and there is a moment when I think he might wins the game because he is in the total control situation. However I manage to set up a little trap and finally win against my better skill opponent.

I start the game with Danish Gambit but switch the entire game plan after my opponent declined my pawns offer.


My opponent makes one mistake and I win the game

I do not call this a classic chess game and I don’t think the quality of this game is good but this is the type of game which will show you what will happen if you are not concentrate on the game board during the entire game. One mistake is enough for a player to lose the entire game.

My opponent plays well during the entire match but maybe because he really wants to checkmate me he then makes a simple mistake. I do respect him after the game and hopefully we can play again sometime in the future.

I use the Latvian Gambit to win this game. Although the quality of the game is not that good as compared to those games play by the GMs but I really play hard to win the heart of the readers!

Chess is like a lego game, discover the lego inside you

Chess is just like a lego game, your job is to move those lego pieces into their correct position! Who can built a better lego’s structure he will win the game!

Below is a game I play during the middle of the night. Night is silence night is dark, just like there is uncertainty in every chess game. Watch below game and discover the lego inside you! My friend, do you like to stay up late and play chess in the middle of the night? If yes then congratulation…

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How to solve Danish Gambit Declined problem?

If your opponent declined your pawn offer in the Danish Gambit and brings out his light square bishop in order to exchange yours light square bishop with his one then the best plan you should make is to target his queen side rook with the combination of light square knight, light square bishop and Queen.

The chance that you will win the game when your opponent brings out his light square bishop for the exchange of your own light square bishop is very close to 70%.

In below game my opponent refuses to accept my pawns offer and he ends up losing the entire game.

Bringing out the light square bishop to defend against Danish Gambit is totally waste of time! Never do that if you are playing in a really high level chess game.

Latvian Gambit at it’s very best!

Latvian Gambit, a gambit which I had learned yesterday and apply it to the chess board today helps me to win game after game! Make no mistake this Gambit is the best I have ever seen after the Danish Gambit. Both Danish and Latvian Gambit is not for the chess beginner because both of these gambits require us to really understand chess game and the situation on the chess board! If you are not familiar with Latvian gambit then you can indeed lose the game easily but if you can master it then you are good enough to rock!

In the below game I am chasing my opponent knight all around the chess board until he gives up piece after piece and finally resigns on the spot.

What a game! I did lost a game earlier today when I was using the Latvian Gambit but I went on and won the rest of the games with the Latvian Gambit.

How to apply the Latvian Gambit?

This is the first time I am using Latvian Gambit and it is really effective against the opponent with chess rating 1500 and below. If this is the first time you see this gambit in action you will probably wondering why am I offering my pawn to you, but when you realize my entire game plan it has already became too late for you. Alright, let us analysis the below game and understand how to apply the Latvian Gambit.

After my opponent moves his king’s center pawn and I move my king’s center pawn, he brings out his king’s side knight and I offered him mine king’s side pawn for free, he takes with his center pawn and I pushed my king’s center pawn up to force his knight to move, this is where all the funs begin! Enjoy the game and do share this post if you like it so more people will come and read it!

What happen when danish gambit declined

Danish Gambit is one of the most common uses chess opening by myself nowadays and I really like this chess gambit because it is easy to use and very effective when it comes to positioning your pieces on the chess board. However not every time your chess opponent will accept the gambit and therefore you need to come out with plan B. Below is one of the chess game which I have played and win when my opponent declined the danish gambit and thus makes me need to work more harder than before to win this match.

The key to destroy the danish gambit is to move the black queen to the front of the black king!

A small mistake causes the entire chess game

Today is my lucky day, I just can’t believe my luck, the opponent’s queen and knight combination almost checkmated me but it is me who wins the game! What a game!

As you can see he was in complete dominance during the first half of the game but after he had lost his queen there was no turning back for him.

The game started well for me but after wave after wave of attacked from my opponent I was unable to castle my king. He took my knight and I took his but then he made a mistake and took my other knight as well which allowed me to take his queen. He lost his confidence after his queen is gone, I continue to pressure him and finally he resigned!

When your opponent’s queen combines with knight it is extremely danger and should not take it lightly!

Ball hits Cube is a simple fun game but is really hard to win

Welcome to the game page of Ball Hits Cube, after reading this tutorial you can play the game immediately. Don’t forget to leave your comment below this gaming page after you have played it, your suggestion is very important for the future improvement of the game.

Ball hits Cube is a game which I have developed a few years ago and it is still one of the flagships on this gaming site. The concept behind this game is really simple, a player will start the game with a fix amount of canon balls that he will then use to destroy a cube which is moving toward him, if the cube is destroyed before it reaches the target then he will win the game and moves on to the next stage, the unused canon balls will be carried into the next stage as well so he will have more canon balls to destroyed the next incoming cube. If he fails then it is game over and he will need to start all over again.

The cube will become thinner on every new stage so it will be more difficult to destroy that cube because it will move faster when it is thinner. My personal best for this game is stage number 5 but you can certainly do better!

To start the game click on any place within the game then press the ‘3’ key, press spacebar to launch the cannon ball, press < to decrease and > to increase the range of the ball while it is on air! If you press the enter key then the game will restart again!

If you like this game please recommend it to your friend so more people can play it!