Ball hits Cube is a simple fun game but is really hard to win

Welcome to the game page of Ball Hits Cube, after reading this tutorial you can play the game immediately. Don’t forget to leave your comment below this gaming page after you have played it, your suggestion is very important for the future improvement of the game.

Ball hits Cube is a game which I have developed a few years ago and it is still one of the flagships on this gaming site. The concept behind this game is really simple, a player will start the game with a fix amount of canon balls that he will then use to destroy a cube which is moving toward him, if the cube is destroyed before it reaches the target then he will win the game and moves on to the next stage, the unused canon balls will be carried into the next stage as well so he will have more canon balls to destroyed the next incoming cube. If he fails then it is game over and he will need to start all over again.

The cube will become thinner on every new stage so it will be more difficult to destroy that cube because it will move faster when it is thinner. My personal best for this game is stage number 5 but you can certainly do better!

To start the game click on any place within the game then press the ‘3’ key, press spacebar to launch the cannon ball, press < to decrease and > to increase the range of the ball while it is on air! If you press the enter key then the game will restart again!

If you like this game please recommend it to your friend so more people can play it!

The chess game ended in checkmate!

Black piece is more superior than the white piece on the chess board, black controls almost 90% of the center board and thus white has no where to move but to stay in the corner of the chess board. The game ended with a checkmate after black forced the white queen moves away from the top square! White starts off with it’s queen pawn and black counters with the queen’s pawn as well.

This game looks simple but it is actually not that simple. The victory can go either side but it is black who wins it!

Black makes the move then checkmate!

After losing 4 games in a row I start to regroup myself. I tell myself don’t think about victory anymore but instead concentrate on the chess board. My opponent who has higher ranking than I am starts the game with a left pawn opening, I told myself if I want to end my losses then I better stay cool and play my usual game. I was pressured by him during the first half of the game but later on he makes a mistake which allows me to come back and win that game!

If you want to win then you need to forget about the previous losses and concentrate on the game!


A very exciting game of chess in danish gambit

I start off with my usual chess opening which is Danish Gambit but my opponent declined my offer with a very strange move. The chess game continue and we exchange piece after piece on the chess board. I can tell he wants to end the game fast by the speed he is moving his pieces on the chess board.

The end game is a really fun one and it can go either side, he did made a mistake at last by moving his queen away from the center of the chess board and I took advantage of that to finish the game up! What a game.

Chess is the game about survivor

Chess is the game about survivor, don’t you agree with me. The smart one wins the game, the ambitious one win the game, the one with great spirit will win the game!

In the game of chess you can only defeat your opponent if you dare to take the risk and if you know what you are after. This is the same as life which you will need to think out the solution in order for you to survive. Never mind about all those words I have written above if you feel that they do not make sense at all. Just watch the video below and you will slowly understand why I have in mind!

In order to achieve the highest level in chess, a player needs to reach the state where his mind and body becomes one. Which I called this the Mind of no mind!


Let’s play blackjack 21 online for free

This blackjack 21 game which is develop by me during the summer of 2010 has been put online for a few days already. The entire game took me around 3 days to complete but later on there are a few minor changes that I have made to correct the game engine part. This is one of the html5 game which I have developed during the early stage of my html5 game development career and I really hope you will like this game.


The entire game is really simple, you will kick off with 100,000, if you lost then your money will be deducted and if you win you will earn money. Your total cumulative income might even turns to a negative value if you fall below the zero cumulative income line!

Blackjack 21 is a fun game to play and you can enjoy the game on it’s official page!

This chess game is smooth really smooth

After losing a few straight games I have finally won one or two. The opponents on level 1400 and above are really tough and harder to beat. My understanding of chess is still very primitive therefore I need to really read more chess books and watch more chess videos in order to understand what are those chess openings the chess players usually will play! In the game below I lost a piece again because of one blunder move but manage to win the game after the last few ambitious moves.

The most important thing to remember in chess is “don’t be afraid to scarify all your important pieces because what we are seeking for is the final victory!”

Chess is not about how many powerful pieces you have on board but about end game

Do you think if you have queen, rook and bishop on your side on the chess board then you will become a sure winner? Nope, that is not true. Although below chess game does not really prove the above concept but it is very close to prove it. Chess is not about what type of powerful piece you have on board but how you use those pieces through precise calculation on each and every possible positions that will lead you to victory.

In below game I start off the chess game playing as black and manage to win the game because I have started to really understand chess which I used to think it is the game about queen, rook and bishop. Today after this game my mindset has reopen to a new chapter and thus my entire chess strategy will change forever!

The end game is critical than the middle game and the opening game is always critical than the end game in Chess!

If Danish Gambit rejected, then how to continue the chess game?

What if your opponent rejects the Danish Gambit? Then what is the move you should play immediately to counter attack?

Below is a chess game which my opponent rejects the Danish Gambit by bringing his knight out instead of taking the pawn which I offered to him. That really makes the situation a lot more complicated than I have expected. The next move we should do if our opponent brings his knight out is to push our pawn upward and thus forced his knight to go somewhere else. Then we can have all the fun even though we have to abandon our initial plan. I did made a blunder and lost my knight during the game but I manage to come back strong and finished him up.

Don’t ever give up unless you really cannot come back anymore.

White makes this move and black resigns (chess danish gambit)

Danish Gambit is a chess opening I am using in almost 99% of my chess game nowadays. I like Danish Gambit because it is simple, it is effective against the aggressive player and it is almost perfect as compared to the English opening.

The beauty of Danish Gambit is it tricks it’s opponent deep into it’s territory by giving out piece after piece and then before the opponent can fully develop his pieces the Danish Gambit’s player will start to press forward and eventually destroys all the opponent pieces and finally wins the Game!

You need lots of practice and prepare to sacrifice lots of your own pawn when you are playing the Danish Gambit opening. It is a fun chess gambit to play but it is not for the chess beginner who has no idea what to do next when the Gambit goes wrong!