How to stop windows from auto downloading updates to your computer?

Some windows users just do not want windows to keep on auto downloading the softwares or updates that they don’t need to their computer. If you are just like me who uses a limited bandwidth’s broadband then those auto downloading jobs will really cost you lots of unnecessary bandwidths. If you have decided to disable the windows auto downloading job then the below method will help you out.

The method I am going to show you does not guarantee will 100% stop the auto downloading job because windows os actually can start the auto downloading job again if it wishes to, we simply cannot beat the operation system. However this method will certainly help you to temporary stop windows from auto downloading files into your computer. Here are the steps you need in order to temporary stop the updates from windows os.

  1. Open up the Windows OS Services manager. Find the Background Intelligent Transfer Service windows os
  2. Right click on it then select Properties to open up it’s Properties panel, under Startup type selection box select Disabled, also click on the Stop button below the Service Status to stop the auto downloading job if you need to, then click on the OK button to confirm your action.                                              BITS
  3. That is it! Now windows will not download anymore updates until you restart the auto downloading service again.

Good or bad, you decide:-

Do you really want the auto updating service to stop? There might have some important updates from windows that your will miss out if you disable the auto downloading function.

Which software do you need to create game graphics

There are lots of free and paid software around that we can use to create game graphic, I particular like these three softwares, Blender, Inkscape and GIMP. I use Blender to create 3D game graphic, use Inkscape to create 2D game graphic and use GIMP to draw simple graphic which I can then edit on Inkscape and Blender.

GIMP is pretty easy to master and you can start using it after a week of training, gimp is use more on photo editing job but creating simple graphic is also not bad at all.

Inkscape is use mainly in creating 2d game graphic, it has lots of features so it will take a while for a beginner to master it.

Inkscape trace

Blender is a powerful graphic creation software which we can use to create 2d, 3d as well as gaming landscape for our computer game. Blender creates graphic which is close to reality and is a must for game developer to get this tool and starts to create great product.


Game creation takes time and lots of brain energy, if you are a game developer then you must good at both coding and graphic creation. Those three softwares above are just the beginning to your game development journey because as time goes by you might even need to learn autocad or other sophisticated computer graphic generation software which will cost money, therefore game developing business is not an easy business after all but it is fun when you see you game being plays by many users online! That just make you feel happy about it!