Chess makes me feel really good!

I just played a game of chess today and indeed feel really good. My opponent is a 2000+ rating player and he plays great chess too but today I am the winner! He just moved his queen too many times and he ends up losing his queen. The game goes on after that with a few more moves before he retired and calls it a day.

It is time for me to get back to coding again after a fast game like that!

How to apply the Latvian Gambit?

This is the first time I am using Latvian Gambit and it is really effective against the opponent with chess rating 1500 and below. If this is the first time you see this gambit in action you will probably wondering why am I offering my pawn to you, but when you realize my entire game plan it has already became too late for you. Alright, let us analysis the below game and understand how to apply the Latvian Gambit.

After my opponent moves his king’s center pawn and I move my king’s center pawn, he brings out his king’s side knight and I offered him mine king’s side pawn for free, he takes with his center pawn and I pushed my king’s center pawn up to force his knight to move, this is where all the funs begin! Enjoy the game and do share this post if you like it so more people will come and read it!

A small mistake causes the entire chess game

Today is my lucky day, I just can’t believe my luck, the opponent’s queen and knight combination almost checkmated me but it is me who wins the game! What a game!

As you can see he was in complete dominance during the first half of the game but after he had lost his queen there was no turning back for him.

The game started well for me but after wave after wave of attacked from my opponent I was unable to castle my king. He took my knight and I took his but then he made a mistake and took my other knight as well which allowed me to take his queen. He lost his confidence after his queen is gone, I continue to pressure him and finally he resigned!

When your opponent’s queen combines with knight it is extremely danger and should not take it lightly!

Chess is the game about survivor

Chess is the game about survivor, don’t you agree with me. The smart one wins the game, the ambitious one win the game, the one with great spirit will win the game!

In the game of chess you can only defeat your opponent if you dare to take the risk and if you know what you are after. This is the same as life which you will need to think out the solution in order for you to survive. Never mind about all those words I have written above if you feel that they do not make sense at all. Just watch the video below and you will slowly understand why I have in mind!

In order to achieve the highest level in chess, a player needs to reach the state where his mind and body becomes one. Which I called this the Mind of no mind!


This chess game is smooth really smooth

After losing a few straight games I have finally won one or two. The opponents on level 1400 and above are really tough and harder to beat. My understanding of chess is still very primitive therefore I need to really read more chess books and watch more chess videos in order to understand what are those chess openings the chess players usually will play! In the game below I lost a piece again because of one blunder move but manage to win the game after the last few ambitious moves.

The most important thing to remember in chess is “don’t be afraid to scarify all your important pieces because what we are seeking for is the final victory!”

Black piece vs white piece who wins this chess game?

It is the summer time and the best method to cool down your body is to play a game of chess. My opponent who plays the white pieces is a IM but he is not playing well today as you can see there are many holes in his game. We both start our first few moves in the standard fashion. Then the situation on the chess board starts to change after he has made a very strange move by exposing my “left flange”. I know what he wants and I also can see there is a big hole in his game! The game continues and I further solidify my position on the chess board by bringing out my left knight into the game…

The last few moves are the one that really secure my victory against this player who ranks higher than me. He resigns after I move my knight…

Great chess opening Danish Gambit reviews

When the first time I look at the Danish Gambit chess opening I was simply shocked that how on earth can someone even thinks of this masterpiece? When you see this opening in the first time you will really think that your opponent must be out of his mind by giving out piece after piece but before you realize that a trap is waiting for you at the end you are almost done! Nobody can deny that danish gambit is the work of a genius, we lost pieces at the beginning but at last we are the winner, that is the beauty which hides behind Danish Gambit.

The mindset of the Danish Gambit player:

Get ready to lost as many pieces as you need in order to achieve the final glory.

The mindset of your opponent:

He thinks you are silly but before he realizes his mistakes he is over!

The mindset of the creator:

He comes from a culture and civilization which is willing to give up everything just to achieve the ultimate victory.

We really need to practice this formation for at least 100 times before we can master it, we also need to take a risk and prepare for a quick lost if we have decided to use this Gambit as our commonly use chess opening. Once we have mastered the Danish Gambit we will see lots of weaknesses and holes in our opponent game during the match which we can then capitalize and easily defeat even the strongest opponent on earth such as the Russian or the US player!