Alarm Clock for Web Browser

Welcome to the homepage of Browser Clock, I had created this clock a few years ago and had added in new features every once and a while. I do hope you enjoy using this clock and if you have any suggestion or comment then please leave it at the end of this post.

Click on the small green arrow icon on the browser bar to open up the clock.

click on this icon
click on this icon to open the clock!


browser clock
browser clock pop up

Next click on the downward green arrow on top of that clock to switch to different part of the clock. Basically the clock allows you to…

1) You can switch to digital clock if you like.
2) You can select different theme.
3) You can set Alarm!

Let us do the alarm setting,  watch below video to set the alarm.

After you have set the alarm then you will see the pop up notification on the windows taskbar based on the time you have set! It doesn’t matter whether you have closed the browser or not, once you have set a time then the alarm will pop up even if you have closed the web browser!

There are many other features that you can use besides just clock, for example if you highlighted a text on any page you will see the tweet and the voice features on the context menu, go ahead and explore all those cool features by left clicking on the browser to bring up the context menu then hover the Browser Clock tab to locate those features!

Hope you do enjoy using the clock and do tell your friend about this addon.