Create an inner class in python language

Python allows us to create an inner class within a python class just like how we create any ordinary class.

In following example I have created a new class within the PersonalData class which I have created before so that new class will behave like a list which allows us to insert the previous job history of an employee into it so we can retrieve them later on.

class JobHistory(list):
        def __init__(self):

As you can see we make that inner class extends the list class so it behaves just like a list. Now we can use it just like any other class by initiating that inner class and then inserted job history of an employee into it in the module.

personalData = PersonalData("John", "computer programmer","1000") #create an instance of the PersonalData class
job_history = personalData.JobHistory() #create an instance of the JobHistory inner class
job_history.append('python programmer') #append history to the list
job_history.append('web developer')
job_history.append('android developer')

Print out the job history is also very simple.

print ("Before this " + + " is a : ")
    for job in job_history:

The outcome for the entire program is as follow:

John works as a computer programmer and he has a monthly income of 1000
John now works as a project manager and he has a monthly income of 3000
Before this John is a :

python programmer
web developer
android developer

*Refer to my previous tutorial on the PersonalData class.