What is Dark Soul III?

Dark Soul III is an action game developed by FromSoftware for play station 4, Xbox One and for windows PC. The game was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is among a series of games that have been developed by the same team. The game was released in Japan in March 2016 and to the rest of the world in April 2016. The Dark Soul’s series started on a lower notch but the series gained fame after dark souls II which was then followed by bloodborne and made all the gamers anticipate for the dark souls III. The game has gained many players attention and has made many people who were not aware of the dark soul series to start playing them. Dark souls III might be the last in the series as the bloodborne too will not have any other series of it. This game has made Bandai a fortune as the game has sold over three million copies in two months after release.

Destroy Enemy and Earn Currency

Dark Souls along with other games in the series only have one unique currency which is souls. These are earned by killing the enemies and using some certain items in the game. The souls can be used in buying items, upgrading your weapons and also when you level up. The only way to enjoy any action game is to stay long without being killed. For beginners, there are a few things that you have to learn about the game before you can play it. First, you have to start as a knight. This is because the shield absorbs all the physical damage taken and as long as you have the energy and stamina to block the attacks you can avoid any damage. Another key thing one needs to learn is that you must increase your weight management so as to be able to increase the skills points into vitality. This will help you be able to carry more weight and that means a heavier armor. When leveling up your character in the game there is a list of attributes that you can pick from in order to make your character strong and vigorous when it comes to war.

The Winning Strategy

In every gamers mind, the main strategy in the game is to win. In order to do this, you must be aware of the enemy’s way of attacking, where they attack and the methods they use. In Dark souls III unlike all the other past series, the enemy attacks from behind in every doorway you enter or any corner you take. These are the parts that most people are vulnerable and lose their life. Dark Souls III has fast-paced combats as compared to all the other dark soul series. The game gives the player a fast combat ability and is accompanied with new weapons. Using this, you are able to engage in fights with a large group of enemies at a go. This does not give you the chance to fight them all at once. Moving in circles helps separate them so that you can deal with one group at a time. This will help keep you alive and give you some ground to win.Leveling up is one of the things you should do as often as possible in the game. By leveling up your character, there are more skills added to be able to fight and defeat your enemies. It is a tiring process to keep losing your life and going back to get your souls back. It is at times best if you used a fast travel system to get your souls back and level up instead of losing them again as you attempt to fight. The more you level up the easier it is to fight your enemies and the less likely chances of dying.