How to apply the Latvian Gambit?

This is the first time I am using Latvian Gambit and it is really effective against the opponent with chess rating 1500 and below. If this is the first time you see this gambit in action you will probably wondering why am I offering my pawn to you, but when you realize my entire game plan it has already became too late for you. Alright, let us analysis the below game and understand how to apply the Latvian Gambit.

After my opponent moves his king’s center pawn and I move my king’s center pawn, he brings out his king’s side knight and I offered him mine king’s side pawn for free, he takes with his center pawn and I pushed my king’s center pawn up to force his knight to move, this is where all the funs begin! Enjoy the game and do share this post if you like it so more people will come and read it!