Create IK bone in Blender

If we have activated the IK or inverse kinematics in our bone structure then by moving a piece of bone will then move the other bones attach to it. In this simple example I will show you how to apply inverse kinematics on a group of bones. Before we start please take note that I do not change the name of any bone so for example, bone number one will remain as Bone and the second bone will be called Bone.001 and so on.

  1. First let start to create three pieces of bone as usual, SHIFT-A then select Armature->Single Bone.
  2. Next switch to edit mode and start to extrude that bone upward, select the tip of the bone and start to extrude it upward, press E for extrude and Z to move upward in the z direction. Extrude two times so now you have three bones.
  3. Still in edit mode select the top most bone and under the Bone tab under Relations->Parent delete Bone.001 to make that top bone not attach to any parent object.
  4. Next select Bone.001 which is the second bone from the top and switch to pose mode. Add an inverse kinematics constraint to the bone under the Bone Constraints tab.
  5. Next under the Target area select Armature and under the Bone area select Bone.002. Bone.001 should now turn yellow indicating that the IK settings have now been activated!
  6. That is it, now still in the pose mode select the top most bone and move it around in the x, y or z direction with the x, y, z arrow!

    bone IK
  7. You will see the bottom two bones will follow the top bone!

IK is very useful when it comes to creating a bending pipeline like below…

ik pipe
ik pipe