JavaScript Object tutorial

Javascript object consists of properties that are an association between a name (or key) and a value (which can either be a number, boolean or a method).

The universal javascript objects such as Strings, Arrays, Dates and etc are ready to be used in our program, for example we can create a new Date object to get the current year with below statements.

var date = new Date();
var year = date.getFullYear();

We can also create a custom made object and then call it’s method or return it’s value anytime we need to.

var Webserver = {

    brand : "xyz",
    loadtime : 0.5,
    price : 1.99,
    info : function() {

    	return this.brand + " loading time is " + this.loadtime + " sec, " + "and monthly price is " + this.price + " usd.";



//When we want to refer to that object within that object itself we will use the reserve keyword 'this'. 


We can change the value of the above object as well to any value we like after we have created the object.

Webserver.price = 0.99;

Besides that, we can also create an empty object and then input the object’s properties later on.

var boy = new Object();
boy.haircolor = "Black";
boy.eyecolor = "brown";
boy.age = 10;

Another method to create a new javascript object is through creating the object template which I have talked about in my previous post.