Mechanikal Reptile Homepage

Hi, people how is it going? Welcome to the homepage of Mechanikal Reptile, my first platform game! Hope you do enjoy this game and if you found any bug in the game do let me know.

The Game Concept

There is a boy who wants to get to the door to the the next destination but there are lots of reptilian robots guarding the path to the door step. Therefore the boy needs to battle his path to get there, on his way to the door he will find there are manas that once he has ate it will help him to overcome those reptilian bots. Sometime if there is not enough mana then the boy will need to think about a plan which can get him safely to the destination.

How to Play

Use left right up down arrow key to move the boy and to climb the ladder.


Let me know if you have any suggestion regarding the future addition of this game.

Future Development

This game is relatively new so more features will be included in the future incoming version!

Game Site

Visit this game website to find out more about this game!