The Sniper Elite 4 Review

The Sniper Elite 4 is a perfect example of one of those games that capture both the mind as well as the soul of the player! In this virtual world, you are under no limitation as to how much damage you can do to your enemy. In fact, the presence of the X-ray in the game makes the damage thrilling, more detailed and exciting. This game is solely based on the skills and how well you are able to eliminate your enemy. Any move you make, such as a 200m shot away from the target while dangling on a ledge and so forth, is brought out in a dramatical point of view.

The main characters of this game are you, the soldier and the enemy. The game is set in Italy, where you’ll be sneaking cautiously through vineyards, towns in ruins and other well-detailed sites. These sites, for the most part, are surprisingly breath-taking. The campaign lasts approximately ten hours, so you’ll be doing this for a while. The maps, however, are rather vast and complex when it comes to determining your current location. A game like this is obviously supposed to have big and wide battlegrounds. The Sniper Elite 4 delivers when it comes to this. There is always an option e.g a mountain, window, or rooftop to take the best shot.

The game allows you to cover your position with trip mines as you move to different positions between shots. There’s an array of sounds you could use to mask the sound of shots you make to ensure your position is not at all compromised. Examples of these sounds include; the sound of an overhead plane, a tampered generator’s bang or a gun firing at distant allies. There’s also a quiet way to take out your enemies – the supersonic ammo. You’ll always end up going back to normal sniping, despite the extra tools in your possession.

The difficulty setting allows you to adjust your gravity shots, by estimating your target range. There is also a provision of an aiming assist by simply tapping the shoulder button that empties your lung, thus giving you a hint on the landing position of the shot. This gives an indication to shoot when it turns red.

The well put and intricate maps can feel unfortunately useless especially when there are no enemy to snipe. With the help of objective markers, you basically get rid of the enemy equipment, get hold of their documents and assassinate specific figures. The objective markers are identified by a huge question mark. It is, therefore, your obligation to roam the area in pursuit of the different locations of the markers. The maps, as mentioned earlier, do very little to make your way around the area. You find yourself going the wrong way multiple times hence the irritating need to go back. Ensure the path you’re treading on isn’t swarming with enemy before engaging in the search for the markers.

The game awards you with a weapon upgrade upon completion of certain milestones including the damage caused or increased zoom. Unfortunately, this gives you more reason to stick with the initial rifle; besides, other rifles are no different from this one.

If you’re up for the thrill of up-close or exciting assassination, this game is definitely for you.