Rock Sweeper

Welcome to the homepage of Rock Sweeper. The Game which I have developed a few years ago and put online for people to enjoy. If you want to play the game right now then just scroll to the bottom of the page, if this is your first time playing this game then you will need to wait for a moment for the graphic and audio asset to load. Leave your comment below the comment box on this page so we can make this game better together!

How to play the Game

The gaming concept is really simple, you need to move both the front and the back spaceships to the left and to the right with the left and the right arrow key on your keyboard to intercept the incoming rock and collect enough points to proceed to the next stage. You will need to intercept the incoming rock twice with both ships in order to win a point, also make sure you will only intercept the incoming rock with the second ship after that rock has been intercepted once by the first ship or else if the rock destroys the second ship it will be game over! During the game, you will notice that if you move the front ship to the left the back ship will move to the right automatically and thus will increase the difficulty of the entire game. Besides that, you will also need to collect a certain amount of rock to proceed to the next level before time up!

About Internet Connection

The gaming server is based on UK, if you are from other part of the world then you will need to wait for 1/2 minute before the game is fully load. When you see the ‘Loading’ text on the sidebar then just wait for a while, it won’t take long to load the game, once your browser has cached the game for the first time then the second time will be very fast already! I really wish I can earn some money through creating html5 game so I can look for a better and faster server to host my online game, as for now I hope you won’t feel the lag.

What is new

This game has now officially became an online game so if there is any changes to be made in the future then we can directly change them on the website! Make sure to leave any suggestion after you have played the game. Now you can start playing the game below…

Wait until you see the play button appears on the game page then click on the play button to play the game, if this is your first time playing the game then it will take a while to load all the gaming assets.

Leave your suggestion on the comment part of this page so we can improve this game in the future.