Alarm Clock for Web Browser

Welcome to the homepage of Browser Clock, I had created this clock a few years ago and had added in new features every once and a while. I do hope you enjoy using this clock and if you have any suggestion or comment then please leave it at the end of this post.

Click on the small green arrow icon on the browser bar to open up the clock.

click on this icon
click on this icon to open the clock!


browser clock
browser clock pop up

Next click on the downward green arrow on top of that clock to switch to different part of the clock. Basically the clock allows you to…

1) You can switch to digital clock if you like.
2) You can select different theme.
3) You can set Alarm!

Let us do the alarm setting,  watch below video to set the alarm.

After you have set the alarm then you will see the pop up notification on the windows taskbar based on the time you have set! It doesn’t matter whether you have closed the browser or not, once you have set a time then the alarm will pop up even if you have closed the web browser!

There are many other features that you can use besides just clock, for example if you highlighted a text on any page you will see the tweet and the voice features on the context menu, go ahead and explore all those cool features by left clicking on the browser to bring up the context menu then hover the Browser Clock tab to locate those features!

Hope you do enjoy using the clock and do tell your friend about this addon.

Cut the mesh in Blender

If you want to produce a cut on the mesh in Blender you can press the blender’s hot key “K”. Once you have pressed the ‘k’ key on the keyboard you will see a green square and a knife, if you left click on the mesh and move the knife you will see a line which will help you to better position the cutting edge, left click again to confirm the final position and then just press the enter key to finish the cutting process.

knife tool
knife tool

The Sniper Elite 4 Review

The Sniper Elite 4 is a perfect example of one of those games that capture both the mind as well as the soul of the player! In this virtual world, you are under no limitation as to how much damage you can do to your enemy. In fact, the presence of the X-ray in the game makes the damage thrilling, more detailed and exciting. This game is solely based on the skills and how well you are able to eliminate your enemy. Any move you make, such as a 200m shot away from the target while dangling on a ledge and so forth, is brought out in a dramatical point of view.

The main characters of this game are you, the soldier and the enemy. The game is set in Italy, where you’ll be sneaking cautiously through vineyards, towns in ruins and other well-detailed sites. These sites, for the most part, are surprisingly breath-taking. The campaign lasts approximately ten hours, so you’ll be doing this for a while. The maps, however, are rather vast and complex when it comes to determining your current location. A game like this is obviously supposed to have big and wide battlegrounds. The Sniper Elite 4 delivers when it comes to this. There is always an option e.g a mountain, window, or rooftop to take the best shot.

The game allows you to cover your position with trip mines as you move to different positions between shots. There’s an array of sounds you could use to mask the sound of shots you make to ensure your position is not at all compromised. Examples of these sounds include; the sound of an overhead plane, a tampered generator’s bang or a gun firing at distant allies. There’s also a quiet way to take out your enemies – the supersonic ammo. You’ll always end up going back to normal sniping, despite the extra tools in your possession.

The difficulty setting allows you to adjust your gravity shots, by estimating your target range. There is also a provision of an aiming assist by simply tapping the shoulder button that empties your lung, thus giving you a hint on the landing position of the shot. This gives an indication to shoot when it turns red.

The well put and intricate maps can feel unfortunately useless especially when there are no enemy to snipe. With the help of objective markers, you basically get rid of the enemy equipment, get hold of their documents and assassinate specific figures. The objective markers are identified by a huge question mark. It is, therefore, your obligation to roam the area in pursuit of the different locations of the markers. The maps, as mentioned earlier, do very little to make your way around the area. You find yourself going the wrong way multiple times hence the irritating need to go back. Ensure the path you’re treading on isn’t swarming with enemy before engaging in the search for the markers.

The game awards you with a weapon upgrade upon completion of certain milestones including the damage caused or increased zoom. Unfortunately, this gives you more reason to stick with the initial rifle; besides, other rifles are no different from this one.

If you’re up for the thrill of up-close or exciting assassination, this game is definitely for you.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review

From its demo reveal in 2016, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was one of the most anticipated games of 2017. Longtime fans and new players of the franchise were eager to see how the game would live up to it’s predecessors. Now, several months passed it’s full release, it can definitely be said that the game lives up to all of the hype.

Without too many spoilers, the player takes the role of Ethan Winters, a man trying to find his missing wife Mia in a seemingly abandoned Louisiana farmhouse. When he gets there, he finds not only Mia, but also a family of people that have been infected by a secret bio weapon that gives them incredible strength, super fast regeneration, and other disturbing mutations. Ethan has to escape the house and find out what’s going on along the way in a sequence of horrifying events. As the game progresses, the story unfolds at a measured pace through both past documents and current events.

One of the many games in a twenty-year long series, RE7: Biohazard had a lot of past game play to draw inspiration from, and generally has two distinct feels to it. Near the beginning of the story, it feels reminiscent of the earliest games in the series with more focus on the scares and the defenseless feeling that comes with not having anything strong enough to defend yourself with. Later on, however, as the player gains access to more guns and better equipment, the game play shifts to mimic the more recent action-shooter genre of the franchise. Familiar but challenging puzzles are dotted throughout the game to break up the action as well. It’s a good balance that leaves the player feeling satisfied with both sides of the experience.

As for playtime, it does fall a little short at just 6-8 hours for a first time play through. Thankfully, several DLC expansions were added not too long after the initial release. These varied game modes offer tons of replay ability and extra game time which makes up for the initial lack. Another story-based DLC is also scheduled to come out in the spring, where more of the mysteries left by the first game will (hopefully) be tied up. At any rate, with what we have so far of the game, RE7: Biohazard has held up under the pressure put upon it since it’s release.

What are steps you need to do in order to replace the laptop CPU?

A laptop CPU is a small chip inside the laptop. It’s role in the devise is to receive input and provide a suitable output. CPU is short form for Central Processing Unit. It comes with advanced power saving features. A CPU works together with the operating system in controlling the computer. If the CPU is malfunctioning, you need to replace it!

Other than replacing the old CPU, other components that you may need to replace are thermal paste and the heat sink if you have decided to replace your laptop CPU.

The following are steps you need to take in order to replace your laptop CPU:-

1. Turn off your laptop and disconnect it from the power supply

2. Slowly unscrew the computers case. Remove the cover.

3. Identify the motherboard, the current processor chip, the RAM memory cards, plus the video card.

4. Look and find out what type of socket the motherboard possess. Does it have 32 BIT or 64 BIT RAM?

5. Open the lever on the socket side. Do this by pulling it out and then up.

6. Then slowly take the old CPU from the socket. Remove the old CPU. You need a screwdriver for heat sinks.

7. Remove the new CPU from the supplier box. Line it correctly without forcing it; it will rightly drop into its place.

8. By closing the zero-insertion force lever, lock the new CPU using the instructions. Include heat sink and clip it on.

9. Apply a thin layer of thermal paste on the heat sink if it doesn’t have. This acts as a good heat conductor from the processor chip to the heat sink.

What are the precautions we need to take when we are replacing laptop CPU so we will not damage the computer?

1. Use static shield. This is because; static electricity from your body can discharge into a laptop internal components with just a light contact! This potentially harms sensitive circuitry. Wear an anti-static armlet whenever you work on your components.

2. Do not forget to check the capacity limits of their machine. Some laptops accept only specific RAM. Check for the manufacturer information manual before you buy.

3. Do not bend break motherboard pins. Whenever you are handling a laptop CPU, avoid touching the pins and don’t force the CPU in its socket.

4. Avoid using an inadequate heat sink with your laptop CPU. If your new CPU is faster than your former, it perhaps generates extra heat, too.


As the new software demands, you need to check your computer frequently! When doing this, you might realize that the laptop is taking too long in processing events. Replacing your CPU is one of the best methods to make your computer run smoothly!

Do it yourself to upgrade the RAM in your laptop

Random Access Memory, commonly known as the RAM, is a temporary data storage for computer that stores program instructions that are frequently used by any program as well as other electronic data.

The data stored inside the RAM will continue to stay there as long as you have turned on the power of your laptop! RAM is considered as the most important aspect of your computer because it has an impact on the speed and overall performance of the system. When the Ram is too small, then there is no doubt that you need to add more.

You might ask yourself questions like, ‘how will I know that I need more RAM?’ Well, that is simple, when your computer starts being sluggish or freeze when more web browser tabs are opened, or when more programs are opened, that is an indicator that you need more RAM.

laptop memory usage
laptop memory usage

Before you upgrade the RAM in your laptop, you do need to find out whether you can upgrade the RAM on your laptop or not because there is a RAM GB limit on each laptop’s motherboard which will not allow you to further upgrade the laptop’s Random Access Memory if it has reached it’s full capacity. Due to this you will need to visit Crucial Advisor tool to find out the amount of maximum memory which your laptop is allows to have and the number of slots available for your laptop at the moment. You do not need to worry anything else besides entering your laptop information which is requires by the tool because Crucial Memory Advisor will perform a thorough analysis of your computer systems by itself and provides you with the best RAM upgrade solution you ever need.

If your laptop has a capability of a memory upgrade, then it’s time to upgrade it. First of all, you have to switch off the laptop and remove the power adapter. Then carefully open the panel that covers your machine’s memory banks. For laptops, the panel is usually found at the bottom. It needs a lot of keenness while unscrewing to avoid damage to other components.

Before you touch any component in your computer, ground yourself to avoid electrostatic discharge. This can be achieved by touching any metallic surface in your computer. Touching the metal surface will discharge static electricity from your body which might have a damaging effect to the motherboard.

Sometimes you will find that all the memory slots are filled. This will force you to remove the existing DIMM so as to replace them. Removing the memory module is not a hard task, you only need to push the clips holding it in the place apart. The module should then pop up at an angle. Remove the module by holding its edges without making any contact with the connectors. The next thing is to pick your new modules and insert them into the open slot at an angle of 45 degrees with the gold edges facing downwards. Push it gently until you hear a click sound. Ensure that the DIMM is securely held by its clips. Then put the bottom panel in place and screw it up well.

After installing your new memory, reboot your computer so as to completely adjust to the new memory. Then go to the system information tab to check if your memory has been added. You can also go to the Task Manager and verify the same.

memory size
memory size

Although upgrading a laptop RAM is simple but you do need to handle it with care or else you will destroy the laptop’s motherboard.

Where to Buy Cheap Gaming PC?

If you’re looking to buy a new gaming PC, but you’re working under a very strict budget, listed below are some of the best sites to look for affordable gaming computers.


Currys is a UK-based store that sells all things technology-related, from appliances and gadget to discounter gaming computers. They have both an online and a brick-and mortar store.


This site offers daily discount to different products, so you just might get lucky and get a new gaming PC for a really discounted price.


If you’re looking to get a high quality PC, then head on over to their site and take your pick. After that, you can do some research to compare prices with other sites because if you can find a cheaper price for the same PC, then they will offer to match it.


Amazon would not be one of the biggest online retailers if it can’t compete with other sites price-wise, so before checking anywhere else, look up the price of your favorite gaming PC here. Most sell their PCs the cheapest here, and Amazon also has amazing discounts.


BestBuy is a Canadian online store that lives up to its name. You can buy the computer online or you can visit one of their stores. Their site will tell you which stores the PC is available at.


It’s a no-brainer to check Ebay out if you’re looking for anything affordable because they invented the best discounts. Chances are you’ll find a gaming PC seller with an incredible offer.


Microsoft store offers a wide array of gadgets, laptops and PCs. You will most likely be able to find a good quality gaming computer at a competent price on the site. Their service centers and warranty, in case you have problems with your PC in the future, are amazing.


MSI is a global gaming brand that’s known to gamers all over the world. Their site sells all their gaming PCs, and if there’s place you can get the best price for them, it’s definitely on their own site.


Surpriser is an online tech-centric store that curates their site and only fills it with the best products and deals in the market. If you want to spend less time combing through all online stores for an affordable gaming PC, then you can use this site instead.


This is straightforward, UK-based online store which lists all gaming PCs you could ever want to check out.


Direct gaming is the perfect name for this site because it dedicates the entire site to selling everything gaming. If you’re looking to find a rarer, affordable PC, they might still have it.


Alibaba is one of the most celebrated online stores in the world, and that has allowed to thank their customers through lower prices and great discounts. You can hop on to their site, and check out if you dream gaming PC is on sale.


This online store is all about giving you the bang for your buck. Almost everything is discounted, including expensive gaming PCs.


Ibuy power does a lot of seasonal sales, even with their more expensive tech products. You can check out if the gaming PC you’re looking for is on sale right now.

So there we go, there are many more stores online that we can buy cheap gaming pc from but the above are a few of them that you should really check it out before you look for other stores.

Unleash the beast within – Asus GX800 gaming laptop

When it comes to the world of gaming the brand name likes Republic of Gamers (ROG) has a special place in the heart of the gamers around the world. From Motherboards to Graphic cards and from Desktops to Laptops the ROG line has been serving thousands of gaming enthusiasts for over 10 years.

And now to add to this great line of products an exciting new product was recently announced, the GX800, the most powerful Asus gaming laptop yet. The GX800 takes gaming laptop to another level as it is truly as capable as some of the best custom built Gaming Desktops available in the market at the moment but with the promise of excellent support from ASUS. Let us now look at those juicy features it has to offer to the gamer:-

Specifications :-

Processor : Intel® Core™ i7 7820HK
Processor Chipset : Intel® CM238 Express
Chipset Memory : DDR4 2800MHz SDRAM, up to 64 GB SDRAM
Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI , with 16GB VRAM
Storage : 1.5TB PCIE Gen3X4 SSD (RAID0)
Audio : Built-in Stereo 3 W Speakers And Microphone
Screen : 18.4″ (16:9) LED backlit UHD (3840×2160) Anti-Glare Panel with 100% Adobe with G-Sync technology
Notebook Weight : 5.7 kg with Battery Dock : 4.7kg
Dimensions : 45.8 x 33.8 x 4.54 cm (WxDxH)
Dock: 35.9 x 41.8 x 13.3 cm (WxDxH)
Battery: 8 Cells 74 Whrs Battery.

What lies within this gaming beast

The GX800 is the ultimate gaming rig. For starters it looks like a object that is not from our planet. The design is unique and stands out screaming ‘Built for gaming’. The interesting concept that Asus uses here is an additional dock that includes extra power and cooling that is used to overclock the CPU and GPU to their maximum potential.

The CPU used is the 8th Gen Intel i7 processor that improves performance by 15% over the previous generations. This is an insane jump as the previous generations were powerful enough to handle any current gen Games. This coupled with not 1 but 2 GTX1080 Gpu’s from Nvidia provide unparalleled performance never experienced on laptops before. With such insane performance asus had to strengthen their cooling to provide the best experience to users. Hence top notch liquid cooling was built into the new dock. The dock itself is a technological masterpiece. The rig almost doubles in performance with overclocking and cooling as soon as you add in the dock.

The inclusion of DDR4 ram upto 64gb with the max available speed which is 2800Mhz is the icing on the cake. Along with insanely fast 1.5 TB SSD’s which are a current market trend when it comes to gaming PC’s. With such fast performance you will never notice a hiccup even when pushing the laptop to its maximum potential.

Display of choice for Asus is a 18.4 inch 4k UHD LED backlit panel with G – sync. This is an excellent display as the number of pixels make any game looks true to life and the screen being one of the most important aspects of gaming Asus did not skip on this. Along with its 3 speakers and Asus sonic studio the A/V side of the laptop are well covered.

Since it is a gaming rig Asus opted to go with RGB backlit mechanical keys which are some of the best on the market, they look amazing and have really good feedback.

The laptop weighs in at around 5.7 kgs for the notebook alone where as the dock puts in a few more kilos at 4.7kgs and each power adapter is about 1.3kgs . which is a bit heavy, but considering all that it packs this is just a small price to pay. The batteries which are provided are ample with 8 cells of 74Whours.

The game performance

The actual real life gaming performance of this laptop is astronomical. There were no drop in frame rates or skipping of frame even when playing the heaviest games at maximum resolution such as Battlefield 1, Witcher 3 and Crysis 3 which are known to punish resources even on the most powerful Rigs. Using the VR functionality which comes built in is also an excellent experience.


All in all this is an excellent device for media consumption with a small problem of not being as portable as other available gaming laptops but that being said none of them come close to this level of performace. The Asus GX800 has a space for itself along with the legacy that goes by the name ROG.


What is Dark Soul III?

Dark Soul III is an action game developed by FromSoftware for play station 4, Xbox One and for windows PC. The game was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is among a series of games that have been developed by the same team. The game was released in Japan in March 2016 and to the rest of the world in April 2016. The Dark Soul’s series started on a lower notch but the series gained fame after dark souls II which was then followed by bloodborne and made all the gamers anticipate for the dark souls III. The game has gained many players attention and has made many people who were not aware of the dark soul series to start playing them. Dark souls III might be the last in the series as the bloodborne too will not have any other series of it. This game has made Bandai a fortune as the game has sold over three million copies in two months after release.

Destroy Enemy and Earn Currency

Dark Souls along with other games in the series only have one unique currency which is souls. These are earned by killing the enemies and using some certain items in the game. The souls can be used in buying items, upgrading your weapons and also when you level up. The only way to enjoy any action game is to stay long without being killed. For beginners, there are a few things that you have to learn about the game before you can play it. First, you have to start as a knight. This is because the shield absorbs all the physical damage taken and as long as you have the energy and stamina to block the attacks you can avoid any damage. Another key thing one needs to learn is that you must increase your weight management so as to be able to increase the skills points into vitality. This will help you be able to carry more weight and that means a heavier armor. When leveling up your character in the game there is a list of attributes that you can pick from in order to make your character strong and vigorous when it comes to war.

The Winning Strategy

In every gamers mind, the main strategy in the game is to win. In order to do this, you must be aware of the enemy’s way of attacking, where they attack and the methods they use. In Dark souls III unlike all the other past series, the enemy attacks from behind in every doorway you enter or any corner you take. These are the parts that most people are vulnerable and lose their life. Dark Souls III has fast-paced combats as compared to all the other dark soul series. The game gives the player a fast combat ability and is accompanied with new weapons. Using this, you are able to engage in fights with a large group of enemies at a go. This does not give you the chance to fight them all at once. Moving in circles helps separate them so that you can deal with one group at a time. This will help keep you alive and give you some ground to win.Leveling up is one of the things you should do as often as possible in the game. By leveling up your character, there are more skills added to be able to fight and defeat your enemies. It is a tiring process to keep losing your life and going back to get your souls back. It is at times best if you used a fast travel system to get your souls back and level up instead of losing them again as you attempt to fight. The more you level up the easier it is to fight your enemies and the less likely chances of dying.